Scrum Events

  • Scrum defined five mandatory Scrum events: the Sprint (as a container for all events), Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospective.
  • The Product Backlog refinement activity is NOT a mandatory Scrum event.
  • All Scrum events should be held at the same time and place to reduce complexity.
- Sprint Sprint Planning Daily Scrum Sprint Review Sprint Retro
Time-Box 1 Month or less 8 Hours 15 Minutes 4 Hours 3 Hours
Who attends Scrum Team + Stakeholders Scrum Team Developers Scrum Team + Stakeholders Scrum Team
Optional Attendance Anyone else involved People invited by the Scrum team Ideally nobody but Devs can invite people - -
Purpose Build an increment + Reach Sprint Goal Plan the Sprint - Define Sprint Goal Inspect progress + Plan the next 24 hours Inspect Increment + Adapt the product Backlog Inspect the dev Process + Identify improvements
Inputs Problem to solve, Idea, previous iteration Product Backlog, past performance, definition of done How is the team Doing towar the sprint goal Sprint Outcome increment, product backlog business conditions Individuals, interactions, processes, tools, definition of done
Outputs Product Increment Sprint Backlog Updated Sprint Backlog Updated Product Backlog Items added to sprint/Product Backlog adapte
Scrum Team Collaborate to reach the Sprint Goal Define the Sprint Goal - Collaborate with the Stakeholders Collaborate to identify improvements
Developers Build the increment Create Sprint forecast + Plan Update the Sprint Backlog
Product Owner Manage the Product Backlog Collaborate with developers -
Scrum Master Establish Scrum Ensure the meeting happens, everyone understands the purpose, meeting is positive & productive, time-box is respected.