Bumble Bot

This project has been based on the 50th day of the EXCELLENT COURSE 100 days of code by Dr. Angela Yu. On this day, the project is to build a bot that auto-swipes Tinder. See Dr. Angela Yu’s course: 100 Days Of Code

1. The goal of this bot is to initially go to “https://bumble.com/app”, then authenticate using facebook as login.

2. After entering Email and Password, you should go to the next window that opens as a Pop Up where you can see the web profiles.

3. The bot must search for the Match button and click a specific number of times. For our bot, 100 iterations have been set.

Bumble Bot

In the following link I have written an article detailing the step by step and the code used in python to build this bot: BUMBLE-BOT article

Alejandro Vargas
Octubre 3, 2022
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