Execution - Execution


The main activities of the PM during execution are:

✓ Work on the scope
✓ Track progress
✓ Monitor the quality, use of resources
✓ Beware of risks and problems, conflicts within the team

The Kick-off Meeting

VALIDATE THE PROJECT PLANS: Review the plans one by one. Explain and answer questions that anyone could ask. If someone refuses to agree – understand why. Understand if there are undiscussed expectations.

AGREEING ON THE GOVERNANCE OF THE PROJECT: Discuss how the deliverables will be in order for them to be approved. Define the success criteria and who will “approve” the completion of the project. How often the PM should update on the status of the project?

PROMOTE THE PROJECT: Make the best effort to have clients and stakeholders satisfied after the meeting and with the proposed activities and approaches.

The purpose of the Kick-off Meeting is to announce the start of the project and to make sure everyone is familiar with its details and the people working on it.

Manage Project work

The most important things for the PM to do:

Supervise the activities of the critical path: the PM must guarantee a high productivity in these activities. The PM needs to take extra care in the following:
• Productivity of the activity in progress: the work must advance at a good pace, so as not to be delayed. Productivity must be
high enough to complete the job on time.
• Preparation of the following activities to start: The activities in the chain must start on time.

• Look for opportunities to streamline workflow, using your business knowledge, project management experience, and common sense. As the project progresses, the PM and the project team become more knowledgeable about the work at hand. Therefore, there are often ideas of how to do it better, faster, or both.
• Be aware of activities outside the critical path that can become part of it (if they are delayed).

Manage people



Prepare the team properly


✓ Lead and coordinate
✓ Correct and make changes if necessary
✓ Motivate


✓ Give feedback
✓ Congratulate


✓ Provide regular updates
✓ Establish and follow the agreed communication
✓ Be proactive in communication
✓ Keep key stakeholders involved

Be the first to deliver bad news or you may lose your credibility!